About Us

Hi, my name is Janine, founder of The Lunch Box Club.

As a mum, passionate about healthy eating, I truly believe that what children eat affects their health much more than we realise!

Like me, you may be wondering what convenience food is doing to our children’s health and why we seem to be losing sight of what ‘Real Food’ is...

My own kids are far from perfect eaters. They dislike trying new foods and are swayed by commercially packaged food products - anything that comes in a packet must taste good! (How many items in your child’s lunch box are in packets??!!)

I developed The Lunch Box Club firstly to provide an easy lunch order service for schools ensuring the availablility of healthy menu items and helping schools reinforce healthy eating messages. As parents we all know how influential the school environment is!!

Secondly, I want to inspire Mum’s, families & children to eat healthy!  Because what we put in our tummies today affects all of our tomorrows.  You'll find advice, information and resources on nutrition and healthy eating throughout our website and you can join our e-newsletter for more. It's all offered free, unbiased, and independently.

I hope you and your family enjoy our lunch service, find some value in the nutritional information and, more than anything, consider your food choices more carefully!