How it works

For Terms & Conditions click here   To print our Online Ordering Steps for your desktop or mobile device click here

For the simpliest order method - use our mobile platform!  (From your desktop too - simply click on the cartoon man on our home page.)

When you enter our web address into your browser on your smartphone or tablet you will automatically land on our mobile platform.  To use our mobile platform from your desktop computer - click here.

Ordering Via the Mobile Platform

You can now easily order from your Smartphone or Tablet (or your Desktop) on our new mobile optimised site!

1. Simply visit our website via your browser and you will automatically be taken to this site.  If not, just click on the Mobile Site link located on the bottom right of our Home Page.  Or click here.

2. Log in as usual.

3. First - Select the date you wish to order for by using the calendar or arrow button.

4. Then, under your child's name you will see two options; Order from your Saved Lunchboxes (Food Combinations).  OR.  Create a Quick Pick order.

5. Choose a saved Lunchbox - then click Place Order and tick the box to receive a confirmation email if needed.  OR

6. Choose to use Quick Pick.  This brings up the menu, so simply expand each section as needed, scroll down and check the item/s you want for that particular order - please remember to click 'Place Order' at the bottom of the screen, and if desired, tick the box to receive a confirmation email.

Repeat this for your other child/ren.

Please note;

* This process differs from our main website.  On our main website you create Lunchboxes (food combinations) and then order from those for your child/ren by picking a date on the calendar under the childs name that wants that Lunchbox.  On our mobile site you choose the date first, then choose from the order options under your childs name for that date.  If you choose a Quick Pick order this will not be saved as a lunch box to order from next time, it is a one off order.

* To Top Up or Add/Edit/Delete your saved Lunchboxes click on the 'Menu' button located in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Ordering on our Main Website

PLEASE READ - Our ordering system is designed around the creation of 'Lunchboxes' or Food Combinations.  You name, create & save 'Lunchboxes' and then place an order for your child by selecting a lunchbox for them and planning the delivery date on the calendar under their name.  (We recommend that you call your saved Lunchbox food combinations something that indicates the contents ie Muffin+ChocMilk rather than your childs name.)
Why do we use the Lunchbox system?  We thought that many of you would find you were ordering the same items each week, so instead of having to scroll down the menu each time - having a list of saved 'lunchboxes' ( food combinations) would make it quicker for re-ordering.  Note that at the end of each term your saved lunchboxes are deleted to allow for menu changes.  Create a few 'lunchboxes' with your children at the beginning of each term.
Scroll down to view the Quick Guide to order on our main website.

Quick Guide (ordering on our main website)

1 - Register an account for your family - here.

2 - Log in! (You are automatically taken to the Create Lunchboxes page)

3 - Click 'Create a new lunch'.

4 - Create & save a Lunchbox (food combination) by entering a name for the Lunchbox in the Lunchbox Name field such as Pizza & Muffin (or name it after you have made the selection).  We recommend that you dont use your childs name.

5 - Scroll down and select menu items.

6 - Click Save at bottom of menu.

7 - Plan this Lunchbox using the calendar - a calendar is displayed for each child.  Choose the date on the calendar under the child who wants that Lunchbox (food comination).

8 - Click Place Order.

9 - Repeat for each child if they want a different food combination (Lunchbox).  You can create and save many Lunchboxes (Food Combinations) for faster ordering.

10 - Click on Current Orders on the left hand navigation menu.  Your order/s will be displayed here.  If not, please repeat the ordering process.

11 - To view processed transactions (ie after 8am) and all your account detail click on Top Up Account and view them here.

All Done!  Remember to Top Up before you order.

(For a more detailed version scroll down this page to For Families.)

For Schools

  1. Your school registers their interest to use The Lunch Box Club as their school lunch service provider.
  2. We then make contact with you to decide exactly what help you require from us.
  3. Schools complete a Registration Form which details the days you would like the service to operate, delivery time zones, delivery site, contact person name, number & email, and acceptance of our customer Terms & Conditions.
  4. We source a Food Supplier for your school (suggestions welcome) OR work with your current supplier OR work with your onsite tuck shop or canteen.
  5. Your Food Supplier creates an on-line account with The Lunch Box Club and together we design a menu for your school which is available to view on our website.
  6. Your school community can now create an account for their household, browse this menu & place orders online.
  7. Your schools only responsibility is to receive and distribute the orders to students (if using an external food supplier).
  8. Menu’s are set per term and cannot be changed during this period.
  9. Staff are welcome to take advantage of this service too.
  10. Your School can also create an account for use by families who don't have internet access at home.

For Families

  1. Check to make sure your school uses The Lunch Box Club as their school lunch service provider. (If they don't, email us to request The Lunch Box Club at your school! – we’ll do our best to make it happen!!)
  2. Fill out the on-line registration form. You’ll need to give your account a name (ie Smith Family), provide contact details including address, phone & email, details for each child including school, classroom & special dietary requirements, and you’ll need to read and accept our Term’s & Condition’s.
  3. Check your email for a message from us (check your spam folder if it’s not in your inbox) and, using the link, click to activate your account. You’re now a member of The Lunch Box Club!
  4. While logged in you can Edit your Profile, view your Account, view Children, create Lunch Boxes (food combinations), view saved Lunch Boxes, view Current Orders and Order from your saved Lunchboxes for your children.
  5. Before placing an order you will need to credit your Account. To do this click on Account and follow the on-screen prompts. Top Up your Account using Credit or Debit card (Visa & Mastercard) or Direct Debit payment. Note; Using a credit or debit card means your funds will be available immediately to place orders. Using on-line banking (bank transfer) has a 24 business hours processing delay.
  6. To place an order click Order Lunch boxes in left hand navigation menu. Here you can choose to order from your saved Lunch Boxes or Create a new Lunch.
  7. To create a Lunch Box (food combination) click Create a New Lunch.  Give your lunch box a name in the field provided (ie Muffin+milk).  Now browse your menu and select items for your lunch box.
  8. Once you have made your selection, review and click Save at the bottom of the menu.
  9. Next Plan your order by selecting date/s for delivery on the calendar.  Click refresh to edit your dates.  (A calendar will be displayed for each of your children - if you have two or more children who want different items, only select date/s in the calendar under the child wanting that lunch box combination.)
  10. Now click Place Order.  A pop up message will appear saying your order has been placed. 
  11. Your account will be debited for the Total Price including the fee (.20c per order) and the order will appear on your Current Orders page.  If you do not have sufficient funds in your account you will be asked to Top Up before the order can be processed.
  12. Repeat this process for each child.
  13. View your Current Orders page to ensure all orders are visible and ready to be processed by The Lunch Box Club.
  14. To ensure same day delivery you must order before 8am on day of delivery. Any order made after this cut off time will not be able to be processed for that day.
  15. You can cancel or change any order at any time before 8am on day of delivery. If cancelled before 8am, your Account will be refunded the total Price + Fee for Orders cancelled.
  16. You can close your account at any time.  Click Edit Profile/Account Details, then ‘Close Account’ and follow the on-screen prompts. Your Account balance will be refunded to your bank account, less a .50c administration fee.

If you have any concerns, queries or need some help please email us here – we’re happy to help.