How it works

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How To Place an Order

 1.  First use the Calendar or Arrow Keys to select the date your wish to order for.

 2.  Then under your Childs Name, use either the ‘Quick Pick’ button or ‘Lunch Boxes’ button to order.

 2.1 – Quick Pick - Use this button to view the menu & pick the items.  Use the > button to expand menu sections.  Once you have selected all the items your child wants, click ‘Order this Lunch’.


 2.2 – Lunch Boxes – Use this button to choose from your saved Lunch Boxes* (menu item combinations).  Then click ‘Order this Lunch’.

 * Lunch Boxes can be created & saved by navigating to the ‘Lunch Boxes’ page.  Creating a Lunch Box makes it quick and easy to reorder the same items next time.  Please note that all saved Lunch Boxes will be deleted each time your menu is updated or modified.

 3.  Please repeat Steps 1 and 2 for each child.

 4.  To view all orders that are entered in our system, navigate to the ‘View Planned Orders’ page.  All pending orders are listed here and can also be easily cancelled from this page too.

5.  You must Top Up prior to placing an order.  Our system works like a Pre-Pay Mobile Phone account or Trademe Account.  You credit your account and then draw against this to place your orders.  To Top Up, navigate to the Top Up Account page, enter an amount and choose from Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer, then click Pay & follow the onscreen prompts.  You can close your account at any time for a refund.

PLEASE READ - Our ordering system is designed around either using a 'Quick Pick' or one off order straight from the menu or by using our 'Lunch Box' system. Which is based around the creation of 'Lunchboxes' or Food Combinations.  You name, create & save 'Lunchboxes' and then place an order for your child by selecting a lunchbox for them and planning the delivery date on the calendar under their name.  (We recommend that you call your saved Lunchbox food combinations something that indicates the contents ie Muffin+ChocMilk rather than your childs name.)
Why do we use the Lunchbox system?  We thought that many of you would find you were ordering the same items each week, so instead of having to scroll down the menu each time - having a list of saved 'lunchboxes' ( food combinations) would make it quicker for re-ordering.  Note that at the end of each term your saved lunchboxes are deleted to allow for menu changes.  Create a few 'lunchboxes' with your children at the beginning of each term.

For Schools

  1. Your school registers their interest to use The Lunch Box Club as their school lunch service provider.
  2. We then make contact with the school to establish our service.
  3. Schools complete a Registration Form which details the days you would like the service to operate, delivery time zones, delivery site, contact person name, number & email, and acceptance of our customer Terms & Conditions.
  4. We source a Food Supplier for your school (suggestions welcome) OR work with your current supplier OR work with your onsite tuck shop or canteen.
  5. Your Food Supplier creates an on-line account with The Lunch Box Club and together we design a menu for your school which is available to view on our website.
  6. Your school community can now create an account for their household, browse this menu & place orders online.
  7. Your schools only responsibility is to receive and distribute the orders to students (if using an external food supplier).
  8. Menu’s are set per term and cannot be changed during this period.
  9. Staff are welcome to take advantage of this service too.
  10. Your School can also create an account for use by families who don't have internet access at home.