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Welcome to The Lunch Box Club – your advertising solution.

As an online school lunch order service we are the perfect medium for targeted niche marketing.

Why advertise with us?

  • Ideal for vendors selling to Mum’s (and their children).
  • Ideal for vendors selling to the Primary Household Grocery Buyer.
  • Ideal for vendors selling to the Household Purchase Decision Maker.

The Audience

Our typical user is a Mum aged 25-45, in part or full-time work with some disposable income and 1 or more dependents. Technology Friendly. Time Poor.

Why Online?

  • Targeted Advertising
    Get directly in front of your target audience.
  • Results Driven Advertising
    We direct the user from your point of advertising to your point of inquiry or purchase, instantly.

The Fit

Our primary function is to provide a lunch service. Our secondary function is to offer advice and information to Mum’s and families about nutrition and healthy eating. This is offered free, unbiased, and independently.

Our advertisers must

  • Share a healthy lifestyle philosophy.
  • Have a strategic fit.
  • Offer products or services that provide perceived value to our Members.

Advertising Options & Rate Card

(Launch Only prices, shown as flat weekly rate. Valid for August/September only.)

Website Home Page Follow On Pages Information Pages


(120 x 600 pixels)

$5 $5 $5

Medium Rectangle

(300 x 250 pixels)

$5 $5 $5
Expandable Banners Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Business Directory Listing - Includes Title, Contact, Details, Brief Business Description & Live Link to your Website or Online Store Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon














E-Newsletter Advert  
Sponsored Text Links – text advertisement located at bottom of article. Brief description of your products and services. Live link for click through to your website. POA

MPU (in article advert) – advert must support e-newsletter article content.

Size 300 x 250 pixels










Lunch Bag Advertising  
Lunch Bag Sponsorship –your brand printed directly onto our lunch bag. POA              
Lunch Bag Insert – various options, conditions apply, enquiries welcome. POA







Production Specs

1) Please supply all files as Jpg or Gif pixels.

2) Include all links for click through.



We look forward to providing you with online advertising help and are happy to come up with creative ideas for your business. Enquire today.

Nb. All prices are subject to a monthly review.