Our Menus

Your children will love their menu! We've included a great range of items that are familiar & simple, yet hold true to our promise of Real Food with plenty of nutritional value.

Reading Your Menu

Menu items are displayed under Green, Orange & Red lights using our Traffic Light Food Guide criteria.  We've done this so that you and your children can see the nutritional value each item offers.  Because children already understand what Green, Orange & Red mean, it's easy to teach them to make healthy food choices.  Learn all about it here.

Super healthy Real Food to treat only items - the choice is yours (or theirs!).

What is 'Real Food'?

Our definition… “fresh food, close to its original & natural state, that’s nourishing and sustaining, with little or no added artificial ingredients”.  Green items are the most true to this definition, and you'll find plenty of them on your menu.

fuelled4life - A Heart Foundation managed initiative

We are currently working with the Heart Foundation to upgrade our menus to include items which meet their Food Beverage Classification System (FBCS).  This will happen over the next 2 terms (of 2014) as we work with our food suppliers to incorporate these items.  Approved items meet classification for their fuelled4life Fresh Made categories and will be indicated within our menus online as being 'Everyday' or 'Sometimes'.  We are super excited to be working with the lovely team at fuelled4life and look forward to delivering you options which meet their strict nutritional criteria.  To learn more about fuelled4life click here.

Please note that our Traffic Light Food Guide is not linked in anyway way to the Heart Foundations FBCS.  Their system has very strict nutritional values.  To achieve menu item registration we submit our recipe to their nutritionists who analyse them in extreme detail!  Our Traffic Light Food Guide does not carry the same criteria.  If you want to pick items for your children that match the Heart Foundations dietary guidelines then look for the inclusion of Everyday or Sometimes included within the item description.

Download a Sample Menu here


We welcome new ideas and menu suggestions, so if you have any items you’d like to see added or any recipes you’d like to share, please email them to us or share them on our Facebook Page.

Cooking at Home

Easily create nutritious meals at home with your family!  Print our Traffic Light Food Guide or our Common Foods list to see which food or ingredients belong in each category.  More info here.

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Nutrition References

We follow the Ministry of Health’s ‘Food & Beverage Classification System – Nutrient Framework for Schools and ECE’s’.

Our Traffic Light Food Guide is endorsed by Kate Syers, Dietitian (NZ registered).  She has a BCAPS majoring in Nutrition, PSG in Dietetics. Kate currently works in Auckland part time as a Dietitian in the field of eating disorders and manages a Consultancy Portfolio in Auckland and England in the areas of infant and childhood nutrition.   In England she provides dietetic support to the school meal service in a borough of East London.

A pdf of the Ministry of Health's nutrient framework is available here