The Lunch Box Club is your hassle free solution for school lunches - it's easy, fun & educational!

Ideal for schools!
Remove administrational workload from your staff & volunteers, promote healthy eating, educate beyond the classroom and encourage the use of Information Technology.

Ideal for families!
Families browse menus online, order and make payment at a time that suits them. Orders are placed by 8am for same day delivery and can be ordered in advance up to the end of term. Staff are welcome to use this service too.

How It Works

We happily work with your existing food supplier ( including your school tuck shop or canteen), or we can source a trusted local food provider. Requests for special dietary requirements welcomed.

No coins! No volunteers!   And the service is absolutely free to schools!

Traffic Light Food Guide

The Traffic Light Food Guide is a food classification system we’ve developed to educate families while they use our service. Green, Orange & Red categories teach children about making healthy food choices.

In Your Classroom
The Traffic Light Food Guide is a great tool for use in the classroom.   It's fun, simple and visual - and children instantly understand what Green, Orange & Red mean!  Posters Available.

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